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Fan of TA with programming skills in OpenGL and/or C++? You can help.
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     If you look at this news page you may think the site is dead ... actually it was the case :P but something is happening. TA3D is being resurrected. Most of the activity is expected to be on the forums like it used to be so don't hesitate to go there.

Today TA3D 0.6 is officially released. The windows package is a 64 bits release which is also new.

We have new plans for TA3D's future and if you want to shape this future too don't hesitate to join!


     If you look at this news page you may think the site is dead but it's not the case I just didn't have much time to post news. All the activity is on the forums so don't hesitate to go there.

If you really don't want to go to the forums, well you'll be missing beta updates :P. TA3D 0.6 is currently in beta stage so go test it :).

PS: Recently the server has suffered an attack but now things should be back to normal.


     It's been some time now since last alpha package, so there are lots of changes in this TA3D 0.6 alpha 17 :).

I won't write here the full list of changes (for this, see the timeline in the trac : http://trac.ta3d.org/timeline). Basically lots of bugs have been fixed, NetClient has been improved a lot (you can now start games, manage mods, etc ...). Multiplayer now compress the data stream before sending it over the network (divide the stream size by something like 2 with very little CPU consumption - you won't even notice it). Some GUI polishing, etc ... And no there is no new pathfinder/pathfollower code in this package, it's not ready yet :P

As usual you'll find it there: ftp://downloads.ta3d.org/binaries/windows/dev/0.6/

Enjoy :)

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