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First few minute Test, fullscreen mouse problem...

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 11:33 pm
by [-FEARIV-]
Hi, I recently began playing TA again and wanted to add lots of custom units till I hit the "max weapon ID" problem, preventing several units from attacking. There ( I found the comment about TA3D that doesn't have limitations. So I'm new to this, but really like the idea!

Played it several minutes, first thing I wanted to do was get it fullscreen. When going through the menu my mouse keeps disappearing/teleporting all around, it's hard to navigate, click buttons... Then when going into skirmish mode, the problem was still there. Mouse goes everywhere when I don't want it to, making it hard to select units or move around the map using the mouse.
I was afraid I couldn't play the game this way, but when I changed back to windowed mode, the mouse worked as expected.
No idea if I'm the only one?
Will continue to test it, experience what the game currently offers and report back if I find anything else worth noting. ^^

Bring this dream to life! :D