Tested the latest Windows version, two thumbs up!

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Tested the latest Windows version, two thumbs up!

Post by Kangarus » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:49 am

G'day from Australia,

I'm a long-time player of RTS games, and I am quite the fan of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander.

I have played Spring, and I have played TA3D; I don't really wish to take a side as far as the fanboys go. However, I can say that although Spring may be technically 'superior' in some ways, I find TA3D to be far more user-friendly. Where TA3D excels is its simplicity. You simply give the program the right files in the right places and off you go. Can't get any easier than that.

Kudos to the main programmers; seeing the forums were bilingual in French, I guess the head programmers are French or somesuch Francophone nation - I would say something complimentary about their efforts in French but I've half-forgotten most of my French ability since I left high school and what I do have left is rather rusty I will desist so as not to botch it up and make a fool of myself in doing so. So I say in my native English - good job!

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