You have a problem with TA3D, it doesn't run or it crashes...
Vous avez un problème avec TA3D, il ne se lance pas ou plante...
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Post by shlomke » Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:49 pm

waz up?
I am new here but I played TA and I am huge fan of this game
today when I have time to play it again I heared that the compeny released TA3D long ago and I didnt know about it
I understand that you cant buy it and I have to install files

Can someone tell me how to transfer to TA3D?
I search but I think that I missed it or I didnt understand it
if you can, explain it simply or just direct me to the page that guide me how to do it
notice: I have windows Vista (if its relevant)

Can someone help me? :?

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Re: TA3D??

Post by zuzuf » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:47 pm

Hi !

You'll find the wiki page about installation here: http://trac.ta3d.org/wiki/Installing%20TA3D

I am not sure it's up to date so if you have any problem/question, just ask.

Basically you have 2 versions of TA3D : the stable one (0.5.4) and the development version (0.6) which is in beta stage (but quite usable since it's almost in RC stage).

0.5.4 : ftp://downloads.ta3d.org/binaries/windows/stable/0.5/

0.6 : ftp://downloads.ta3d.org/binaries/windows/dev/0.6/

The 0.5 package comes as a classic installer whereas 0.6 packages are 7zip archives so you'll need 7zip to extract them (we don't make nice installers for betas because it's really time consuming).

Once you get TA3D installed, you'll have to install OTA archives from CDs. There is a small script that'll do that for you (ota_resources_installer.bat in 0.6, install.bat in 0.5).

If you install TA3D 0.6, you can also try the free data set (which is not complete nor standalone yet, but it contains HD models that can be used with OTA files) : ftp://downloads.ta3d.org/mods/ta3d_free_data_set.7z

I hope you'll enjoy it :).

PS: since TA3D is an open source project, we appreciate help (of any kind, may it be testing, help with translations, ...)
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Re: TA3D??

Post by shlomke » Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:46 pm

Tnx man! I will try it 8)

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