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tables , and FPS style like Tribes, Battlefield

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:19 am
by UFO_Jesus
crosspost with TAspring

Today I was watching a video of the new Nintendo 3DS, its got some 3D effects where a camera is looking at your table and it projects a dude onto it.
This reminded me of an idea I had for a holographic tabletop version of TASpring--

add in a more awesome FPS mode and meld it with a commander mode like in Battlefield 2 and Command and Conquer renegade and you will have like the perfect video game, one player controls their team's economy and base from the 3D table, 31 others control major units in the battle with a VR headset and a zapper gun like a wiimote--- or just regular computers for first person shooting with a mouse

There are two 3D tables, one for each team, the table projects the map in 3D with height an everything-- or a flat map could work as well.
planes are projected in 3D over the table. The commander can touch the units and move them, or if this is not possible just use a rgular old mouse to highlight them as usual.

Players can also fly planes and drive tanks ala battlefield or Tribes, or FPS with powerful kbots and krogoths. the FPS mode would be improved to that of a Battlefield game, but even better because the game would accomodate advanced physics and projectile modeling, making it ahead of any other FPS.

I am also inspired by the newer gundam (giant robots) arcade machine i saw in japan. Up to like 32 or something players get into lifesized cockpits and operate the robot, and spectators watch the whole battle unfold on a hidef screen outside. My idea would improve on this with the commander, running the econ and controlling the waves of smaller units.

Re: tables , and FPS style like Tribes, Battlefield

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:35 pm
by MattyWS
Are you trying to say you want to make a mod?