Help with TA3D (coding, installation, etc)

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Help with TA3D (coding, installation, etc)

Post by V_Flashbang » Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:22 pm

Off Topic: (for zuzuf)
Zuzuf, sorry for the smurf but my old account is deactivated and i dont have access to the email i used for it :lol:
That being said, I will try to be as productive as possible.
I know how strapped you are on help too :)

I split this into sections, I will go into detail in each.
There doesn't seem to be a proper intro on here so I shall make the most complete one I can

Zuzuf, on this board is there links like in wikipedia to reference a section, for ex: (fake link) (referencing the "discovery" section if it exists)
Would help with easier access :)

How To Help
Programs to use
Editing special stuff (gfx, sprites, etc)
Extras (computer shit)

Ta3d is a project that puts ta into better graphics, all while running off of ta hpi files.
Ta3d is marvelous, it integrates GLSL and modernized scripting along with a new engine, into ta data files. It is compatible with most ta mods. (aside from TA:ESC, both are playable together but the upgrades wont work due to lack of support of Xon's dll files, which means no dll hooking for the .exe, ultimately, no detect() scripts available for ta's bos files :|)

It's pretty cool, just make sure you have a decent, non-dinosaur-shit computer. Doesn't need to be anything special.
Currently what I use to play ta3d is:

TOSHIBA Satellite CQ556-D 500$ laptop
ATI Mobility Radeon 6200 (i think its 6200 series) w/600mb dedicated memory (i overclocked it tho :3)
2gb RAM
750gb hdd @ 7200 rpm
Dual Core AMD Fusion E-250 processor @ 1.5ghz
Windows 7 home premium

I use medium-maximum settings

I, however, recommend something like this for general gaming:

Amd radeon HD 6990 ( ... rview.aspx)
Intel Core I5 Quad Core @ ~2.5 ghz/AMD opteron dual core @ 3.3 ghz
500 gb hdd/ssd @ 7200 rpm (minmum - for laptops 5400 is better for battery life, just make sure your HDD is NTFS)
CD Rom drive with support for DVD
Overclocking feature on BIOS unlocked - ability via BUS or using custom programs from INTEL, or if you use AMD, Amd Catalyst/Overdrive
Windows 7/Linux (flour MAC osx, macs are made for graphics mainly anyways XD)

So now that specs are covered, lets move on.
Note that the specs above are meant for only if you are OCD on wanting max graphics on all forms of games and shiz. If you have the specs above, I guarantee you wont have lag.
If you do have lag, read on, as I will post sections on how to speed up your computer.

How To Help

Currently, Zuzuf is the only one working on Ta3d. Aside from a couple of others, but he works in his spare time. People expect so much from him, it's sad and the fact he's able to supply users with ta3d still demands my respect.
Please, help. Donate to him maybe, he might be able to get some extra programs to help encourage development 8) (although its up to him currently on whether he'll accept donations :))

If you know any of these, you can probably help:
Experience with windows, i mean ability to seek out dr watson logs, ability to recognize errors in windows environments, presence of files that shouldn't be there, experience in general.
Ruby/Python (automating tasks and stuff)
Html/CSS (online stuff)
ActivePerl (task automation)
Any total annihilation modding skills (for creating mods compatible with ta3d)

Programs to use:
Notepad ++ -
Dev C++

If you choose notepad++ (which supports insane amounts of programming languages)
heres a thing on how to compile ... th-Notepad

Download ta3d, extract from its archive, and place anywhere.
Look in the ta3d folder, you'll see a subfolder called "resources"
You will need to place ta data files in there. Totala1.hpi and Totala2.hpi
PM me if you need "help" with retrieving proper files and stuff
Run "Ta3d.exe"

Editing Special Stuff

If you look in the shaders subfolder, there's files called .frag and .vert files. That's openGL. Editing those edits in game graphics.
For Example, 3do_shadows i think affects shadows.

Gfx - subfolder
These are sprites in-game
Edit these will directly edit some things, say smoke or the spray nanolathe that builds units


All of the above are for sprites and can be edited/viewed with:
Gimp - a freeware alternative to photoshop
Irfanview - a freeware alternative to that damned windows image gallery viewer
With all of irfanview's plugins, you can view mp3 files, pdf files, and much more! ... 64981.html
here's the all-in-one plugin executable installer for irfanview

Gimp -
Irfanview -
Ta3d Trunk Installation notes
Dev C++ with Ming/GCC ... irror=iweb
Notepad ++ ... taller.exe

Tweaking windows
Tweakhound's ultimate XP Tweaking guide:
Tweakhound's optimize windows vista guide:
Tweakhound's tweaking windows 7 guide:

Change file system to NTFS
Turn off antimalware/spyware - don't go to nasty ass sites and you wont need it XD


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Re: Help with TA3D (coding, installation, etc)

Post by Durand » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:29 pm

You mean the project is not dead ?

Only thing i ask : TA3D being able to work on my Linux computer anew.

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